Published on: 25 September, 2017


Would you like to lose weight without too much fuss?
Or, you are that type of person that you are not much up to it and the sports are not your best friend?
Or do you enjoy eating?
- if yes there is a great news for you: you can get less weight while having tasty meals.

The purpose of this book is to show you a different approach to losing weight. It is a natural way of doing it, which is not based on a strict physical effort or strict died or any strict eating hours; of course, that some things you will have to avoid eating but not that much as some other diets ask you to.

You should consider this book more as a personal experiment with your body and not a program or cure.

What I wrote in this book, the message that I try to send further, is that anyone can lose weight by eating almost everything, anytime Ė the secret is to eat healthily and to avoid some of the unhealthy things (and if you canít avoid all of them, itís still not a big fuss). On myself, I avoided only a few of the unhealthy products and ate anything else and still I succeed to lose considerable weight.

This book is based on my personal experience. weight loss,diet,how to lose weight,fat burn

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Etienne Prinz:
Convaincant livre Je vais essayer les recettes
I have been implementing the strategies that this book mentions for years and I can say they will make a huge difference in the weight and quality of life of many Americans. This booklet is pleasant and easy to read and goes straight to the point. Simple yet effective and powerful strategies.
Foodie people here: I actually tried one recipe. Not bad, not bad at all! Tomorrow Iíll try another!