The Sage Cheese

Published on: 17 October, 2017


Taos is a mouse wizard with green eyes, who likes to solve different tasks using his magic knowledge.

In this book, Taos wants to use magic to create his beloved cheese, but he discovers that he doesn't have all the magic ingredients. So he travels to the village to collect the needed ingredients.

He stay upset that he doesn't have his cheese anymore
When he remembered a spell to create the cheese with sage flavor

This is a graphical book and it is written in rhymes. It is a book that can be read on any hour, however, I recommend the bed night moment. cheese,children,kid,animal,bear,mouse,preschool

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Sandra's Granny:
A tale which combines two important elements for children literature: fantasy and moral lesson. Also the pictures are pretty lovely. Do you have more stories for children?
Making cheese becomes sorcery. Typical for nowadays world. Soon we will forget to boil an egg. An up to date story.
Maria Grazzia Maretti:
Bravissima, Evory! Un’ottima lezione di vita.Questa storia dovrebbe essere letta a tutti i bambini: quando hai un desiderio devi fare del tutto per soddisfarla. Eccelente lezione anche per adulti. Brava!

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