The King`s Request

Published on: 30 November, 2017


Taos is a mouse wizard with green eyes, who likes to solve different tasks using his magic knowledge.

The frog tells Taos "I came from the kingdom of Qiu Lim.
My great king sent me to bring you to him".

In this book, Taos is returning from the Raul' mountain, while he hears someone calling him. Taos help is requested by a king...
This is the last book from Taos the Wizard Mouse series. earring,sky travel,chinese,king

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Evory Salieri:
So far, the "The King`s Request" is the last book from the Taos series; however, Taos the Wizard Mouse is not ended. Currently I am busy working on another book, therefor I don`t know exactly when Taos will be continued. Thank you.
there is a second part as well... or the Taos series end with this book?

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